Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail

 It's rather sad that rail travel no longer is as viable as it once was. At least the former lines and passages have been put to good re-use by providing us outdoors types many new trails to explore. 
The tunnel it self is over 4000 feet long with so many interesting details to see if one takes the time to look and appreciate. (and have a lantern [I did not] and ask a lot of questions [I certainly did])

{the ceiling}

{there where many grooves like this throughout. I was told they were the drilled holes for dynamite when blasting out the tunnel}

{just a few leaks}

                 Thank goodness there's always light at the end of 
         the tunnel. 

{remnants of it's former life}

Quite a lovely walk and most enjoyable day. 

Perhaps the best was meeting and chatting with the folks in the Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club. It was a very small group because of Cov....well you know why...
I look forward to more.


Karen said...

What a beautiful trek. I agree, it is sad that trains are no longer used and loved by travelers as they once were. I recently watched a documentary about Penn Station and they noted that the builder (I should but can't remember his name) did not conceive of a time where trains would not be the standard. He died before the completion of the station, as I recall. My husband used to be a hard rock miner; I agree the groove looks like drilling from blasting. At any rate, what interesting views of the ceiling and walls.

Lynne said...

Looks like an interesting, enjoyable trail.
Loved the huge, chipped brick wall/ceiling picture . . .
And the light at the end of the tunnel.

Debbie said...

light at the end of the tunnel, it is a beautiful tunnel!!

i am so happy to hear that you had a wonderful day!!