Friday, September 24, 2010

Germany Part 5: St. Bricticus

I Loved this Church long before I met it. In Fact it was the very first thing that I wanted to see when we arrived in the village of Schoppingen. I had heard many a story from My husband's Parents about the Church in their hometown. I wanted to see the the stream that flows through village from beneath the Altar. I wanted to enter the Church and walk down the aisle

to stand at the foot of that Altar

Where so many many of Fritz's and hence my children's, ancestors had celebrated some of life's significant moments. The place were they sought refuge during life's struggles.
    The Church was built in the 8th Century I believe. The earliest mention of the town dates to around
725AD or at least that's what I think I read in German on the plaque in the garden behind the building.

The name Schoppingen means "Sheep Region" in an early German language. How fitting. My dream is to own a piece of land, have a large garden and maybe, just maybe raise a few sheep to provide me with wool to support my knitting habit. If that dream ever becomes reality, I will use this image from the Doors of St. Bricticus as my garden gate.

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Lynne said...

Absolutely beautiful dream . . . Do you have the garden gate? Lovely . . .

I often choose a blog on an early morning to read and reflect with life stories. Today I am scrolling through you and "your stories".

How refreshing to meet richness of purpose, love, history, commitment and joy . . .

I can't believe I am the first to comment . . .