Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's in a Name?

I've been part of a great deal of discussions recently concerning names. Grandmas reeling over unconventional names their offspring have placed upon the grandchildren, what in-law children should call their spouse's parents, confusion when a person goes by both a given name and a nick name, folks in ire when their names are not spelled or pronounced right, and generalizations over a person's personality based on a name. It seems everyone, including me, has an opinion on both sides of the issues.
I have always liked my given name. Joan. It suits me. Short. Simple No nonsense. I love the grandma name my daughter picked for me. Marme. I like to think that suits me as well. Marme is the strong, steadfast, nurturing, loving mother from Louisa May Allcott's 'Little Woman', but I fear I have a way to go to be on that pedestal. I have always loved when my children's friends call me Mrs. K or better yet Momma K. I love the names we chose for each of our children. Josef, Katherine, Andrew and Thomas. As with all parents, so much time and discussion had gone into choosing each name yet when revealed to others sometimes met a rolling of the eyes (and I am guilty of that on the other end as well!). I had wanted a Kevin in there somewhere too, but came up a child short...that is until my daughter married her Kevin. Wonder if there's any chance I'll get a Mary Claire as a daughter-in-law?
The naming of place is fascinating to me as well. My new country hometown is Luray. Pronounced 'laray' by newcomers (defined as anyone living there less than 5 generations) and 'looooooray' by the natives. It is common in Virginia as elsewhere to name one's homestead. I often wondered how the old Plantations  like Woodlawn, Aldie, Evergreen, Liberia and Berkeley got their names. I've had the pleasure of spending some time on modern day farms such as Stoney Lonesome , Belvedere, Willow Hawk Farm, and Saville Hill.
So now I need a name for our little farm.

I'd love to see your suggestions!


Sue ~ Granny's World said...

well there's Ridge View Farm, Valley View.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I forgot to tell you that I had a dream last night that you named it "Lindenberry Farm" becuase its where you 'grew' your family and farm dreams. Plus it sounds like really expensive yarn.