Saturday, February 7, 2015

And Then There Was the Sunset

Which was just as amazing as this morning's sunrise.

Perfect spectacular bookends.
But it is the in-between that counts.
Just an ordinary day filled with ordinary moments.
 Chicken stock making.
Yard tidying, A little spinning. A little knitting.
On it's way to becoming a spring sock.
A walk along the creek with my mother.
Ma loves the ducks.
A brief visit to an art gallery.
Practicing Asian cookery for the upcoming Chinese New Year.
 {it's a very special 'Year Of'...we I will be celebrating in earnest}
Capped of with a little ride on the Harley thanks to that beautiful sun warming things up just enough to do so on a February day.
Hope you had some moments of contentment as well,


Elizabeth Edwards said...

what a gorgeous glow. what a pretty view. so happy!! have a good weekend! ( :

Changes in the wind said...

That is a beautiful sunrise:)

Lynne said...

Beautiful . . .
Liked all the things in the 'middle' too!

Sue ~ Granny's World said...

sounds like the perfect weekend, and you even got out on the Harley

Cathy H. said...

A breathtaking sunset after such a lovely day is such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

You have the loveliest sunsets :)

Debbie said...

it's so easy to get distracted by that gorgeous sunrise.....lot's of pretty things in between as well!!

Lisa Smith said...

Your sunrises and sunsets are absolutely extraordinary! Please forgive my ignorance (I'm not "well traveled"), but does it have something to do with your area, geographically? Or is your location elevated enough to have that view? Or does it have something to do with what time of year it is? (Sorry I ask so many questions; I am genuinely interested!)

How nice that you still have you mother with you. . . . I'm 59 and lost my mother approx. 19 years (?--I'd have to go look it up to be sure--?) ago due to her poor life choices. Lost my father 21 years ago to the same reason. So sad. If they would have loved life they might not have sabotaged their time in which to live it. I learned a lot watching their lives play out and end prematurely; perhaps that's one reason why I cherish every single day as much as I do.

Wishing you many beautiful skies to come, Lisa in Oregon