Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Living by Dying....Wool

What a wonderful day I had in Sperryville Virginia, just a hop over the mountain from our place, to play with yarn. The dye workshop was hosted by Jen, owner of Spirit Trail Fiberworks. Her studio is bright and spacious. The ladies in attendance delightful and Jen herself is a great artist and knowledgeable instructor. 

We experimented with dying three ways.
Hand painted, tonal and speckled.

Speckling was not only a fun process, but I love the looks of it.

I am quite please with my first attempts.

So much so that I did what any yarn crazed person would do.

Bought some dye color charts.

Because despite all that spinning I have done over the winter (LOTS!) I still have all this from last year and in need of some inspiration: 

{Yes Sir, yes Sir, three bags full}

After all,
 Big Guy Carnie and his barn mates are ready for the shearer next month.

{He's not fat, that's all a very thick and beautiful fleece}

Jen and all her lovely custom yarns will be at the  Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival May 5-6. 
You won't be disappointed if you stop by. 


thecrazysheeplady said...


M.K. said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'm such a newbie when it comes to spinning/plying/dying, but I do love it. Your yarn looks lovely.

Buttons alias Grace said...

Wow, they are beautiful. I like the speckled ones too. Inspiration always comes for you. HUGS B

Lynne said...

Oh how I wishI was close by so I could stop by the Maryland Sheep/Wool Festval
Your wool looks wonderful!
Love the speckled yarn . . .

Debbie said...

sounds like fun and the yarn is beautiful. how nice to have the opportunity to attend a work shop like this. i wish i were going to maryland, i did not make arrangements but i am already scheduled for rhinebeck with my knitting group!!

Christa said...

What a fun thing to do. Big Guy Carnie looks sooo soft!

Lynn said...

Your sheep reminds me of my niece's dog - we thought she was fat until all the fur was shaved off. :)

Lovely hobby you have.

Leonora said...

That looked like great fun! I really enjoy dyeing wool. Each time I pull a piece out of the dye pot, it's like opening a unique gift. Your yarn turned out beautifully!

Debbie said...

I am so happy you saw my post today, seeing your name on one of my knitting posts always makes me smile!