Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Seeing Green

My big guy sheep Carnie produces and enormous fleece. His colors are beautiful ranging from a light silvery gray to dark gray to black with a big chunk of browns and tans just to keep it interesting. 
I do love natural colored wool, but after the dye workshop I went to, I was inspired to play around with some of the leftover 2017 fleece I still had sitting around. 

What I wanted to create was a dark green mossy colored yarn with lots of tonal variation. I wanted some of the natural colors to shine through.
So I choose a lighter brighter green acid dye ("avocado") and went to work. For fun I threw in a little bit of Mac's tan fleece and a couple of locks of white fleece from Leo for comparison. This was just an experiment after all.

What's more amazing than the colors I ended up with is that I managed not to felt any of this wool after cooking it for almost an hour!

I was thrilled with how it came out. But the real test was to spin up a bit and knit a swatch.

I get so tickled when a plan comes together just like I have in my mind. 
{wouldn't it be wonderful if I could make EVERYTHING in life work out that way?!}

I love the colors.

So much so,
This Happened:

It will be a while before I get all this spun.
I am seeing a lot of green outside now (finally) and the gardens need some love too. 

Hope your world is full of the colors you love,



thecrazysheeplady said...

Perfect color!

Lynne said...

My favorite color . . . green . . .
And this mossy green . . . spot on . . .
You must have a bit of Irish in you . . .

Lynn said...


Sue ~ Granny's World said...

Great colour what plans have you for it?

Debbie said...

how wonderful!! and i LOVE the color, it knitted up beautifully!! i want to learn to spin, it is up next for me!!

Leonora said...

SO cool! I love that mossy green color. What brand of acid dyes do you use? I'm curious as to whether it's the same that i use for my woven wool.

debby emadian said...

Love the name of your blog. What a great colour. I have been stashing avocado skins and stones in he freezer to have a go at dyeing. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I think the natural stones give a pinky colour. But these results are amazing. I hadn't heard about acid dyes...I must do a little research.