Friday, August 3, 2018

The Road LessTraveled

A somewhat impromptu tic-off-the-bucket-list trip to Wyoming took us to the iconic National Park highlight spots of the Grand Tetons 

and Yellowstone. 

But the Crowds and the tight parking and the RVs and the tour buses and waiting patiently for my turn through the mobs to snap the required photo ops,

and all the buffalo jams (of which I was a participant at our first 3 or 4... or 12 bison sightings) 

wasn't quite the nature inspired wide open space I had always imagined that part of the country to be.

So we did what we do, 
rented an off road machine (a little less demanding than a dirt bike),

picked up a trail map and some supplies and headed out deep into Teton 
National Forest recreation area.

And found what we were looking for. 

Never once paying attention to any Dead End or Caution Ahead sign in any way.
 There simply is too much to experience off the beaten path and down the side roads. 

We crossed paths with a group of campers and a few fishermen but other than that felt like the entire place was put there just for us.

Here's a little action video we had fun making. 
Obviously we didn't run off any cliffs!
Life is good.


Lynne said...

Nature and its awesomeness at its best . . .
Away from the masses. RV’s, busses and stuff . . .
Wonderful . . .
Enjoyed the ride and views in the “jeep like buggy” . . .

Debbie said...

i know what you mean about those, buffalo jams. such a beautiful area but it does loose a little when viewed with the masses....i am not good at waiting my turn!

i like the off road ride although there were a few spots where it seemed guard rail would be appropriate. nature, open space, you found it and it looked beautiful!!!

Leonora said...

I'm loving the look of your summer! Some fun family time and some off-the-grid time. The dirt road in your video was awfully close to the edge at times! I was imagining how remote that landscape must be in the winter.

Lynne said...

Love your Blog. Hope you and your's is doing good.You have all my prayers. Your Knitting is beautiful. How are the sheep doing? Really like your home in the valley. It looks so warm and welcoming. What a wonderful trip that must of been. Really in the outback!! take care! email is

Buttons alias Grace said...

Well, I was glad to read you did not drive off any cliffs. What an experience and I so would have gone off the grid. All the most beautiful things lie there. HUGS B

BENScopingau said...

Hallo liebe Teilnehmer des "Kesterfests":
Wir mögen eure Fotos sehr und wünschen uns unbedingt mehr davon!
Schöne Grüße aus Schöppingen
Annette u. Bernd-Elmar

Ginny Neil, The Singing Farmwife said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. If I ever get there, now I know...get the buggies.

Elizabeth Edwards said...

yeah!! so glad u got there, i have been with my parents as a kid in the early 90's ..and let me think the hubby and i went gosh early 2000's ... we got married in 04 ... so ... drawing a blank. love your shots. it will be a time u will never ever forget. love it there. gorgeous area. ( ;