Monday, January 10, 2022

Still Knitting

For the girls who turned four! this past Autumn. 

One sweater that twirls,

one based on a favorite book.

A few things for me,

The Knights who Knit: a mystery knit-along.
Cotton Linen blend. Was a fun project to work on. 

one can never have too many wool socks on these cold days. 

A summery linen shawl for what was to be an Italy trip. 
Maybe someday.

 A blanket for our newest grandchild Henry. {#11!},

 and the current work in progress

A soon to be cardigan. 

Handspun yarn from mighty Mac, one of my sheep. Loving how this is working up despite a lumpy, bumpy inconsistent spinning job. Maybe I will pretend I planned it that way? 


Take Care and Be Well,



Sue ~ Granny's World said...

So good to finally see what you have been working on. I love the girls cardigan and sweater too cute.

llswink said...

What wonderful things you make with two sticks and a bit of spun wool! All your knitted lovelies are well made, but my favorite has to be the little lady bug from the favorite book! Can you share the title? :)

thecrazysheeplady said...


Leonora said...

Your hand knit creations are absolutely stunning! Each one so different from the other. I like the natural earthy look of what you call "lumpy, bumpy spinning". Gosh, I am amazed at what you are able to do with needles and yarn.
Congratulations on your growing family !

Debbie said...

ooooh joan, you are so very talented!! i scrolled back again, everything is amazing!! your mystery knit along, unbelievable...and that cardigan, i could only hope to knit something so beautiful!!

those grands of yours are so adorable....and seeing you smile made me cry i was so happy. i'm so glad you are here!!

Ginny Neil, The Singing Farmwife said...

So envious of your abilities. As a picture book author, I adore the sweater with the favorite character. THanks for sharing.

Elizabeth Edwards said...

gorgeous patterns (colors) you made me smile about Virginia being so silly with the temps. we had a nice couple of days and then we are back in the lows 20's this AM ... a real shock. then they say the temps will jump back up over the weekend in the 70's wild. i follow u on instagram ...but i have been taking a break from there and FB lately ...i think i am at 4 weeks now ...don't miss it at all ...but i miss your posts i decided to come here to your blog to catch up. hope all is well. i see your post and i enjoy them so. thanks. Beth ( ;