Sunday, December 30, 2018

Family is Forever

Yes, it truly is.

Even if sometimes forever is defined as a fast and fun 24ish hours of us all being together at my favorite place for Christmas. Good food, lots of laughter, great stories, fun with all the grands...

...all the ordinary stuff that makes a family life great.

 Atlanta area clay artist Pam Arena and creator of  'Unpack our Hearts' and I were neighbors and painting pals a long time ago. 
As in when we had infants and toddlers, long time ago. 
Even though miles and years have separated us, I always thought of our time together as one of my favorite friendships.
She sent me one of her creations several months ago at a time when Fritz was struggling health wise and our family was filled with fear and uncertainty. A perfect, needed reminder that no matter what, Family is Forever. 
I knew right away where it would be placed.

On our family tree.

That majestic oak that keeps watch over our farm and my sheep.
The place where we gathered to say goodbye to our Ray.
The place where we gathered again a year later to Celebrate the Marriage of our Tommy and Chelsie.
A place where the extraordinary moments make a family stronger. 
So with Fritz now feeling well, and all my loves home, the time was right to unpack my heart. 

Family is Forever
Family fills my heart.
I trust your Christmas was just as joyous. 

{A very special rendition of the Holy Family made with the hand and thumb prints of each of our grandchildren}
{Plenty of room for more sheep thumbprints, just saying}

For inspiring stories of all the places all over the world where Pam's hearts have traveled, follow
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Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

Hello! !
Today 31st is New Year's Eve in Japan.
New Year’s Eve is called “Oomisoka” in Japanese.
We eat soba noodles called “toshikoshi soba” (year-crossing soba) to wish for a long lasting life. On New Year’s Eve, soba noodle shops are crowded with many people from morning till night.
Also, a major house cleaning is done by the whole family. This major house cleaning is thought as a ritual to give a pleasant welcome to God on New Year’s Day.
At night time, many people get together at countdown events.Others stay at home and watch television programs. The most well known one is the “Kouhaku Utagassen”, an annual singing contest.
At Buddhist temples, huge bells are hit 108 times during midnight to get rid of all evil desires.

Lynne said...

Love these HAPPY Family is Forever FACES!
Happy New Year Joan, Fritz and Family!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Popping in to say Merry Christmas, Joan, and may the new year bring even more blessings than the last.

Lynne said...

Makes my heart happy to see all of you together as a family. Your truly blessed!! Wonderful picture! Hope the new year is full of everything good! Take care all of you.

Ginny Neil, The Singing Farmwife said...

Love the Nativity...Now all I need are some grandkids!

Buttons alias Grace said...

Oh, that is beautiful and to see your grandchildren all together in one place is perfect. The family photo makes my heart swell I know how important that is. Take care and I wish you love for the New Year. Lots of love and hugs. B

Debbie said...

WoW!!! awesome captures of the family...and a beautiful picture of you in your purple!!!

the little ones are too cute, mostly boys i see!!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love your family photos and especially love the thumb print sheep :-D.