Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kid Knits

For the girls.

For the boys.

Papa's tractor! (sort of?)

For the seven year old that came to me with his own design.

For one of the three year olds that hates to wear mittens,

but loves dinosaur hands.

With two more grands on the way, I am sure there will be many more kid knits in my future.

All that makes for a very happy Marme.


Debbie said...

oh you are such a grand knitter, the sweaters are adorable!! and it looks like you have a designer in the family!!!

such adorable boys they are!!

Rose said...

Sweet!!!! Love that the one designed his own sweeter.

Lynne said...

Such wonderful sweaters and you have the most adorable grandchildren ! Truly blessed. Do you get yarn from your sheep? Take Care !

Leonora said...

Two more on the way! Congratulations : ) I'm in awe of how many unique and detailed items you create. Your knitting needles must rarely be at rest.

Sue ~ Granny's World said...

You have been a busy lady. Loving everything but especially that dinosaur sweater and those darling little dresses

Buttons alias Grace said...

Best gifts ever. I love those original designs. You are so blessed and so are your grandchildren. Hugs B

Lilian Wale said...
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